"From conception to visioning, planning to execution, Significa made our wedding stand out in the crowd for us and our guests."

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Melissa & Matt

After the event of our lifetime, we would highly recommend Significa. They were the cornerstone of what made our event successful. Between the raving reviews from our friends and family about the music and energy of the event to the cool factor of the magic mirror photobooth, memories were made thanks to Collin and Jay.

Mark J.

We could not be more pleased with Jay as our wedding DJ. Jay had the uncanny ability to play the exact songs that we wanted at the right time without prompting. Several times throughout the night my wife stopped, turned and exclaimed “Yes, Jay! This is the right song!”. We only gave Jay a few songs to give him the feel of our wedding and he built and outstanding playlist for the entire ceremony with that little information. Don’t think twice about hiring Jay, he will exceed your expectations.

Jeff C.

"Jay held down a weekly residency at my South Florida martini lounge for 2 years bringing in a consistent and sophisticated clientele. His technical skill and musical diversity is his secret sauce!"

Kelsey G.

We rented the Magic Mirror from Significa and it was one of the best parts of our wedding! Right from the start, Collin was so awesome to work with. Professional, friendly, down to earth and clearly passionate about his business and offering the best experience for his clients. Plus, he was incredibly prompt with his responses throughout the whole process, which is invaluable for anyone planning an event and trying to get everything knocked off the to-do list!

During the planning stages, he had lots of fun options to personalize the Mirror and elevate an already unique experience. He offered great suggestions based on our wedding vibe/guest list size and wasn’t pushy at all. Everything we decided on came together perfectly and our guests LOVED the Mirror. Friends and family wouldn’t stop talking about it all night and the next day. I actually almost missed taking photos myself due to running around/dancing/endless chatting with guests, but Collin found a quick moment to let me know we were nearing the end of the night when the venue would cut everything off and wanted to make sure I had a chance to snap some photos with the Mirror. I’m so glad he did and I was able to get some hilarious pics!

He went above and beyond in a lot of ways but that was so thoughtful and appreciated. If you’re debating on a getting a photobooth, it is 100% worth it. Your guests get the fun printout as a memento (skip the other favors, no one wants those anyway), you get all of the silly photos to look through after the wedding, and you get to work with Collin! It was easily one of the most seamless and delightful experiences I had with a vendor. My only regret is that we had already booked another DJ before we met Collin, otherwise we would have hired him in a heartbeat and I know it would have been amazing! I can’t recommend Significa enough!!

Jessica G.

I wouldn’t even refer to what Significa provides as a “photo booth” It’s so much more! The Magic Mirror was so much fun, was so interactive and was such a hit! It’s like nothing myself or any of my guests have ever seen before. They had a custom touch start screen made for us as well as a custom strip design and backdrop options! We were really able to make it our own to match our wedding. I absolutely LOVED the custom guest book option as well as the option to have copies of all of the pictures printed out for us. The next day we couldn’t get enough of looking at our guestbook and laughing at all the awesome pictures strips, props, messages and at how much our guests were enjoying themselves!

We had a line for the photo booth at all times. Collin was the attendant for the booth and he was very friendly and awesome with our guests, as well as us. He even stepped in to help show our guests how to use the photo book. It was truly the perfect addition to our wedding to make it that much more memorable, unique and fun! Collin, the owner was absolutely amazing to work with! He was on top of every detail and his follow up and follow through was beyond my expectations. Planning a wedding can be difficult with lots of moving pieces and parts, especially if you’re not the most organized person such as myself. Collin made everything such a smooth process! From the booking to selecting all the custom options, everything was so easy. His communication was awesome and he stayed on top of everything. I also appreciated when we had a vendor meeting at the venue they were able to attend and answer any questions needed. If we ever have another event we will be calling Significa for sure!

Andrew Elias


"If you are like us and the dance party is a critical piece of your wedding, then I cannot recommend DJ Collin highly enough."

We wanted to hire DJ Collin for our wedding after we attended a friend’s wedding where he was the DJ. At their wedding, he kept the dance party moving the whole time, playing really great music and reacting to the crowd to keep the energy high. As we were thinking about what was important for our wedding, we realized a good dance party was high on the list, so we reached out to Collin to check his availability.

Even though we already felt comfortable with his ability to bring the dance party to life at our wedding, the consultation meeting we had further cemented our desire to hire him. He was very professional and you could tell that he had not only had a lot of experience doing weddings (and thought of things we hadn’t even considered), but also took a ton of pride in his work. We hired him on the spot!

The day of the wedding was a blur, but Collin was there for whatever we needed on the audio front, he was helpful and available and didn’t need a ton of direction from us to know what he needed to do. Then came the dance party at the end of the night and it greatly exceeded all our expectation. Collin played a great mix of music and it was obvious that he was very aware of the pulse of the room (I remember one moment specifically, where Collin had put on a song requested by a guest, and folks started drifting away from the dance floor, we glanced at Collin, he caught our eye, and immediately mixed over to a different song. It was a smooth transition and people immediately surged back onto the floor).

If you are like us and the dance party is a critical piece of your wedding, then I cannot recommend DJ Collin highly enough. If that is not high on the list, but you want a DJ that is professional, can understand what is important to you and then execute on that vision, then I cannot recommend DJ Collin highly enough! He was the best, thanks again Collin!!

Matthew and Kristan Giorgio


"We are trying to find an excuse to have another big party just so we can hire him again."

Collin was an absolute professional from our first meeting until the end of our wedding. Kirsten and I had a general outline of how we wanted the wedding to go but we had no idea how to pull it off. We were planning our wedding ourselves and it occasionally became overwhelming. Collin was extremely helpful and experienced. He asked us very pointed questions that got to the root of our vision. He was able to explain to us why some things we wanted would work and some would not work. But mostly, his confidence allowed us to relax about the music and concentrate on other parts of the wedding.

Collin was able to share playlists with us using Spotify. We listened to them while doing wedding planning and it was helpful to hear his vision. He was open to all feedback we had regarding what songs we wanted and what we didn’t want. During the wedding, he kept an eye on the crowd for us to gauge the energy and adjust the music accordingly. He spoke with us a couple of times to make sure that we were all on the same page about how the evening was going. The music was perfect. The MCing was perfect. The energy during the cocktails, the dinner and the dance party were exactly what we envisioned.

Collin did a fantastic job. We are trying to find an excuse to have another big party just so we can hire him again.

Jenny and Cheryl Fulbright


Collin was referred to my wife and I to DJ our wedding, and we are so glad that he was!!  Collin has been so easy to work with throughout our wedding planning process, and he is priced very fairly.  Collin uses the Spotify software, which made it incredibly easy to formulate and get playlists over to him.  Collin has a very upbeat and warm personality, and all of our wedding guests really liked him.  He kept our dance party rockin, and it was seriously the best time ever!!  We would recommend Collin with very enthusiastic thumbs up!! Thanks again Collin for doing such an awesome job!  We’ll never forget that day!

Ryan and Sadie Ellis


We had such a great day.  Everything went exactly as we hoped and we
are totally stoked.

Collin was kind and gracious and great
at reading the crowd.  I was running around socializing, and then
eventually dancing, and I didn’t notice anything out of sorts with
his set.  He did a great job!  Especially with the limitations of
the venue.

The music Collin played was spot on.  Once everyone got warmed up that
dance floor got really fun!  He did exactly what we were looking for,
primarily play music and make a few announcements.  For people who
want just good music and dancing, rather than lasers, fog machines and
crazy lights, Collin is the right fit.

We are so thankful for his great service and that he got to be a part of our special
day.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Deneal Schmidt

"Collin would be great as your DJ for any party - he is flexible, honest and has my highest recommendation."

I highly recommend Collin Winn as a DJ. My husband and I hired Collin July of 2010 to DJ our wedding.

Collin has excellent skills as a DJ and smoothly transitioned the crowd from mingling to party time.  He was organized, reliable, on time and stayed later than initially planned.  Collin helped us get the party going and kept it going with a high level of energy throughout the whole night.  His equipment is very nice and we didnt have to provide any help or equipment for the set up.  The sound was impeccable and he was able to accomodate us when we requested a little known song from our ipod that we wanted played!  I also made a playlist and he played every song we requested plus some that the crowd requested.

Collin would be great as your dj for any party.  He is flexible, honest and has my highest recommendation. If you have any further questions with regard to our experience with Collin please do not hesitate to contact me.

Rhyan & Aaron Haynie-Talwar


"We COULD NOT HAVE BEEN HAPPIER with how Collin handled the music from start to finish."

My husband & I cannot praise DJ Collin Winn’s incredible adeptness as a DJ enough!  We hired Collin to DJ our wedding in September of 2012, and as we are both music junkies, gave Collin quite a run for his money. We literally could not have asked Collin to do a better job. We gave him a list about a mile long of songs that we definitely wanted played, and songs that we had in mind for dinner and for dancing. To make his job just a little more difficult, we asked him to mix our country, funk, and old school hip hop requests with Punjabi {Indian} dance music, as we were having a bi-cultural wedding. I was concerned with how he was possibly going to handle the multi-cultural crowd and varying tastes, but should not have wasted my energy on worrying.

Collin not only managed the pre-party dinner music with grace and fluidity, but got the dance party instantly going when the time was right. He oscillated between Indian beats and old school rock as if the two went naturally hand-in-hand. Collin not only got the party going, but he kept it going for hours. Like, over 5 hours of non-stop dancing, literally with no breaks on the dance floor. I personally had blisters to prove it, but then, it was my wedding. The true value of Collin’s expertise shined through, and to this day, many of our guests say it was the best wedding dance party they had ever witnessed! He got the Indians dancing to the rock, and the non-Indians dancing the bhangra; bottom line, Collin got everyone to dance, and kept them dancing until the venue kicked us out.

This is sounding a bit over the top, but we COULD NOT HAVE BEEN HAPPIER with how Collin handled the music from start to finish. We gave him a near impossible request which he handled with ease.  DJ Collin Winn was extremely professional and flexible, delivering exactly what we requested, and doing so on time, with an excellent sound system, and no need for oversight or hand-holding. He was completely competent and extremely adept at reading the crowd. We would highly recommend his DJ services for just about any event. I am happy to answer any questions, and can be reached via email.