Do I Get Hard and Digital Copies of Photos?

Absolutely. Our professional printer prints photos in 3-5 seconds and we send a digital album to every client after the event. All contracts include unlimited printing (one print per user, per session). 

Why the Magic Mirror?

Our clients love how it is interactive with users (touch screen, signatures, emojis, virtual props), how elegant it looks at any event, and its high-tech capabilities (text, social media, email photos). Simply put, the Magic Mirror is a premium photo booth experience that absolutely wows guests and clients alike.

Do You Offer Any Discounts?

Discounts are offered on a case by case basis. As a general rule, we love to support historically marginalized populations, veterans, and non-profits. We also have bundled DJ + Booth packages!


What Limitations does the Mirror Have?

Outdoor events, during the daytime, are a challenge due to the direct sunlight. In fact, any direct sunlight causes limitations. Also, moving the Mirror up several flights of stairs creates limitations. Inquire further about what we can provide in these situations. 

What Kind of Customizations Can You Provide?

The sky really is the limit. From custom photo templates to digitally branded Mirror screen, we can make your private event can be personlized and corporate event can be branded. Please review our "Add-ons" to learn more about custom and fun offerings.