5 Reasons Your Wedding Needs a Photo Booth

Despite the fact that photo booths have become ubiquitous at weddings, many couples remain hesitant to spend the extra money or make room in their budget for a photo booth. For most young couples planning a wedding on a budget requires sacrificing wants for needs. We think that a photo booth should fall in the "need" category, and we've compiled five reasons why a photo booth is a must have at every wedding. 

1. Entertainment - Weddings are a significant time commitment for guests. Between dressing formally, travel, ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and reception, attending a wedding can be exhausting. As a DJ, I often witness people falling asleep at the dinner table, guest's body language signaling they're antsy or bored, or young kids running around aimlessly. The photo booth creates the perfect "filler" entertainment for people to line up, socialize, pick their props, act fun and goofy together, laugh, and compare photos. It helps the event run smoothly and mitigates the lulls and drag that can kill the vibe of a wedding.

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2. Physical Keepsakes - Most photo booth companies offer unlimited on-site prints, allowing your guests to use the booth multiple times and come home with fun, silly, and adorable photos taken with a professional camera. These keepsakes will not only be cherished, but serve as a physical memory of how fun your wedding celebration was. 

keep sakes.png

3. Digital Keepsakes - After the dust has settled, the newly married couple will receive a digital album of every photo taken at the booth throughout the evening. In addition to sharing with family and friends and posting on social media, the professional-quality photos — photos of your guests that your photographer could never capture — can be framed as a fun and alternative wedding memento. Virtually every time we send the digital album to clients, we receive an enthusiastic email raving about how hilarious it was for the newlyweds to flip through the album, and how the photo booth was the "most talked about" by their guests. 

4. Skip the Guest Book for a Photo Booth Book - Traditional guest books can be expensive and a bit boring. And most end up in storage to collect dust after your wedding day. We provide beautifully customized Photo Booth Guest Books where your guests can print extra copies of their photos, paste them in the book and leave you a nice note. This is a guest book you'd actually want to keep on the coffee table and enjoy for years to come. 

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5. Fun for All Ages - Weddings have diverse guests and not everyone loves/is able to dance, drink or socialize for hours. From 5 year olds to your grandparents, everybody loves a photo booth. They are nostalgic, fun, goofy, silly, and bring people together in a unique way. To ensure your Big Day is memorable and entertaining, there is no safer investment.  

Collin Winn