7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Wedding DJ

With over 10 years under my belt as a wedding DJ, I get many questions from people in my network or potential clients who are on the fence about hiring a professional DJ. The number one concern that causes pause is almost always money, and understandably so: weddings are expensive.

Millennials in particular are often planning a wedding on a tight budget and are considering foregoing a live DJ/MC. I have been to weddings where a friend is doubling as the amateur laptop DJ or the couple has collaborated with guests to procure a 3-hour playlist. While I'm very sympathetic to being frugal and not going into debt for just one celebratory night, every wedding I've attended that did not have a DJ was not only a bit boring, but felt quite disorganized.

7 Reasons to Hire a Professional DJ for your Wedding:
  1. Let All Your Guests Enjoy the Evening - Asking a close friend to "DJ" or take care of the playlist and announcements makes it nearly impossible for them to fully relax and take in the night.
  2. Master of Ceremonies - Having an MC to make crucial announcements throughout the evening not only sounds and looks professional, you also have an advocate throughout the night that is preoccupied with keeping the event flowing on time according to the itinerary. 
  3. Professionalism - A seasoned wedding DJ is comfortable in front of large crowds, flexible, patient, and understands intimately how weddings and dance floors flow. They are also prepared to improvise if anything goes awry, giving you the peace of mind you deserve on your Big Day.
  4. Sound - Even those with a decent sound system at home likely don't have the caliber of speakers required to fill an indoor or outdoor venue. After all, it's all about that bass
  5. Microphones - Having professional microphones for your ceremony, toasts, and reception ensures that guests of all ages and hearing abilities will be able to hear toasts, announcements, the officiant, and your vows. Professional or amateur video will also depend on amplified voices. 
  6. Consultation - Planning a wedding is intimidating and time consuming. Let a professional walk you through the process of choosing the best songs throughout your itinerary and achieving your vision. 
  7. It's Party Time - For most, attending a wedding means it's time to dance. Of course, your guests are thrilled to watch you tie the knot, but let's be honest: an epic dance party is often what leaves a lasting memory. You simply cannot beat the atmosphere that a live DJ brings to an event and playlists can't read dance floors. 

I would highly encourage anyone planning a wedding to hire a professional DJ, regardless of the size. This decision could literally make or break the evening, and your wedding day is not something to roll the dice on. Give yourself and loved ones the peace of mind, professional ceremony and experience that they deserve!

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Collin Winn